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Interview with Madam Sandra Bachstein, Breast-Care Nurse at the ZithaKlinik. 

Sandra Bachstein has been working for 18 years as a nurse at the Zitha Hospital in the oncology department. She is passionate about her job, and in 2010 she became a Breast-Care Nurse (BCN) to support patients suffering from breast cancer. She started a one-year-training course in Münster in Germany to obtain the necessary skills to accomplish this new challenge. Then, in 2014, when the Robert Schuman Hospitals (HRS) merged, Sandra ‘s work as a BCN extended to Clinique Bohler.

As a BCN Sandra became a member of the cancer team. This service is dedicated to the social and psychological well-being of patients suffering from cancer.

The team, which was created in 2012, includes four case managers, two cancer data managers and four secretaries in charge of the coordination of the different treatment pathways and the support of cancer patients.

Sandra is a key person for the health professionals at HRS. She underlines the importance of teamwork, and networking with doctors and multidisciplinary teams (social assistants, psychologists, dieticians, the support service and pastoral care). The organization of the multidisciplinary meetings and Sandra’s participation in the different working groups are part of her daily business. « Good communication with the health professionals is a key factor of success and guarantees the best care possible. The BCN helps to manage difficult complex situations, and helps to take care of the patients and their families. »

Sandra comes into contact with the patients via the gynaecologist, the psychologist, the care unit team, or the patient can contact Sandra directly.

The internet site « Actor of my health » is where everybody can find information, and get in touch with the BCN.

Good contact with the patient is very near and dear to her heart:

«It’s not only about providing help and support, but also gives essential and accurate information regarding the treatment, that has been decided. A great part of my work includes giving advice and information about external prostheses and suitable underwear. » 

All women who have had a mastectomy following breast cancer will be fitted before leaving hospital. An appointment with a wigmaker, who comes to the hospital and gives advice to the patient, can be organized on request. 

Sandra also helps the patient in other matters, such as finding their way around financial aid, and therefore she works closely with a social services assistant.

Many women worry about talking to their children regarding cancer. Sandra explains that the Cancer Fondation is an important partner in this area.

They suggest using their adapted teaching material and offer free psychological support to all patients. In an upcoming interview, we will discuss the Cancer Fondation.

It is very important to be honest to family and parents.

« It takes courage to do so. It doesn’t help to hide any information from family and friends, because they always know that something is wrong.”

« Breast cancer can touch anybody. » One percent of all people suffering from breast cancer are men. The support isn’t just for women, but men can also benefit.

« It’s very important not to suffer alone from the disease. It’s no good trying to manage everything on your own and without help. »

Sandra encourages her patients to seek all the professional help that is available, and to have regular check-ups.

Thank you, Sandra, for all the information, and your personal dedication.

The interview was conducted by Ms. Françoise Hetto-Gaasch, member of the committee of Europa Donna Luxembourg.

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