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Interview with Madam Marie Dewulf, Beautician at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg.

Beautician Marie Dewulf, for the last 18 years, has been offering personalized care programs for cancer patients.

What is involved exactly? Chemotherapy can have an adverse effect on the skin, such as extreme dryness, and Marie suggests appropriate beauty care treatments using special products. She also offers manicures, pedicures, facials, relaxing massages, and can give advice on how to apply makeup.

Marie explains to patients, for example, the techniques that can be used to trace eyebrows, often lost following chemotherapy. And importantly, she presents special products to treat the scalp, special shampoos, creams, suncreams, and how to massage the scalp. Her program is offered to patients throughout their treatment for breast cancer.

First direct contact with the patient is made during the second round of chemotherapy. This means that the patient has had time to come to terms with the diagnosis, to recover from the first chemotherapy session, and to absorb all information given. During this first meeting, Marie presents all the products that the patient can use at home, and she gives them samples of their chosen items, like special nail polish that contains silicon.

Following the first consultation, it is possible for the patient to meet up again on request with the beautician, whenever needed.

Marie also works in close collaboration with breast-care and chemotherapy nurses to offer specially adapted treatment at a personal level. In this way, patients are surrounded by specialists within a multidisciplinary team, so assuring structured care through a global approach. Well-being is a priority — the team is there for the patient, who consequently feels safe and secure.

Marie’s message:

« Being a beautician isn’t just a profession that helps people to look good, but how to feel positive too. This includes acceptance of changes that might occur during cancer treatment. »

At the end of the day, if Marie succeeds in making a patient smile by giving a small piece of advice or make-up suggestion, then she is happy.

Thanks Marie, for all your tips, and the support you give the patients.

During treatment don’t hesitate to ask if a beautician may offer advice and care.

The interview was conducted by Ms. Françoise Hetto-Gaasch, member of the committee of Europa Donna Luxembourg in June 2022.

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